Prophet Garry Robinson

Prophet Garry Robinson is a 37 year old Prophet to the Nations who has wisdom beyond his years. He is an anointed vessel of God who is sent to teach, stir up, revive, exhort and cultivate the people of God. He is graced with an anointing and assignment particularly for the Remnants of God and those who are misunderstood by the church. However, things did not start out this way for him though. He came up with no mother or father and was left to the streets and
the Foster care system. Due to the absence of his mother and father from the age of five he was subject to a rough and difficult childhood. He suffered hurt, and child abuse, was left homeless and had many other struggles. He was saved on November 2,1999 and filled with the Holy Ghost and since has been trained in the school of the “Holy Ghost Hard Knocks”. God began to move speedily in his life shortly after that.


• Understanding Prophetic Acclimation

• What is prophetic influence

• Prophetic Symbolism

• God's language in the prophetic

   And More...


Amelioration Webinar


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