Prophet Garry Robinson

Prophet Garry Robinson is a 37 year old Prophet to the Nations who has wisdom beyond his years. He is an anointed vessel of God who is sent to teach, stir up, revive, exhort and cultivate the people of God. He is graced with an anointing and assignment particularly for the Remnants of God and those who are misunderstood by the church. However, things did not start out this way for him though. He came up with no mother or father and was left to the streets and
the Foster care system. Due to the absence of his mother and father from the age of five he was subject to a rough and difficult childhood. He suffered hurt, and child abuse, was left homeless and had many other struggles. He was saved on November 2,1999 and filled with the Holy Ghost and since has been trained in the school of the “Holy Ghost Hard Knocks”. God began to move speedily in his life shortly after that.


He began preaching in August,2001 and has been growing in the Prophetic Office greatly over the last 17 years. He later on suffered church hurt and leadership abuse. In addition to this his faith, contrary to the testing matured him all the more. He was ordained as an official Pastor in 2015 and is soon to launch a new church. Shortly after he began traveling the world and sharing the
Prophetic Word with lost, hurting and hungry souls. He’s been called by various Bishops and Pastors to preach at many different events, conferences and revivals across the nation. When you meet Prophet Garry you will bear witness to the fruit of his tree. It only takes one conversation for you to experience the
calling of God on his life. He has a strong Prophetic, Healing & Deliverance Ministry and is called to bring restoration and the TRUE unadulterated revelatory word of God to the church. He is an influential Prophet to people of all regions, generations, nationalities and cultures and has an on time and fresh message
for God’s people.


His assignment with the saints is to help them come into the realization of what their purpose and calling is and to assist them with their transition into the Women and Men of God that they are called to be. He has a specific anointing for the remnant and is all about Kingdom Business- Helping advance the Kingdom of God through His Plans & His Purpose. Prophet Garry is a humble,
loving, devoted servant of God. When he’s not traveling and speaking God’s word to the masses he is teaching the saints through online videos and postings. He is a soon to be Author, and will also soon be releasing several mp3’s, uplifting music and building a Prophetic Culture Network and Institution- A community to teach and cultivate the saints. Miracles, signs and wonders follow his ministry and he believes completely in obedience and letting God use him however He sees fit. He gives all the credit and glory to God for who he is, who he’s becoming and the accomplishments he’s achieved in ministry. With God he will continue to go higher-”Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory”. He will continue to strive to be the best servant he can be.

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